September 23, 2020

Different categories of shampoos for different hairs

At earlier times, soaps were used even for washing hair. But as technology is getting improved and as the pollution is increasing, the different types of shampoos are coming with different uses and for different purposes. There are a lot of brands that manufacture shampoos but it is upon your requirement that what type of shampoo suits your hair texture. Every shampoo is made for satisfying a particular requirement or purpose such as shampoo for dry hair, shampoo for dandruff, shampoo for oily scalp, medicated shampoo for lice, etc. You can contact shampoo wholesale distributors for more information. Now let’s see what kind of shampoo suits the different hair textures.

Different shampoo categories are:-

  • Clarifying shampoo:- These shampoos are used at an occasional basis to remove the effect of heavy conditioners, hair sprays, gel, etc which can affect the hair if not removed properly. These shampoos contain surfactants at a heavy amount which helps in the same.
  • Everyday shampoo:- These shampoos are made in such a way to use for daily head wash and which are very mild just like baby shampoos so that it doesn’t eliminate the moisture of the hair.
  • Volumizing shampoo:- These shampoos are used to create volume and health of the hair. These shampoos have special ingredients that help in the same.
  • Oily hair shampoo:- These shampoos are perfect for the individuals whose scalp excrete an excessive amount of oils. Hence, this shampoo helps to get rid of the oil that comes on the scalp.
  • Normal hair shampoo:- These shampoos are used for normal head wash and can be used by the person who didn’t need to have any special requirements.
  • Dry damaged hair shampoo:- The persons with dry and damaged hair should use shampoo mild in nature so that using the shampoo further doesn’t make it drier.
  • Colored hair shampoo:- These shampoos are made in such a way to protect the hair color from getting removed and they are also mild. Moreover, these shampoos also protect hair against sun rays damage.
  • Two in one shampoo:- These shampoos are a combination of shampoo and conditioner. Hence, after using this shampoo there remains no need for conditioner.
  • Medicated shampoo:- These shampoos aim at helping the scalp to get rid of any problem such as itching, dandruff, hair loss, scaling, fungal infections, etc. The medicated lice shampoo also comes for clearing lice in the hair.
  • Swimmer’s shampoo:- After swimming, it is important to take head wash with swimmer’s shampoo to remove chlorine from hair which is present in the swimming pool.

These are the main categories of shampoos that everyone should choose according to their scalp or hair texture or hair requirements. If you are choosing the shampoo according to the hair requirement then it will surely give the best results. If you are getting difficulty in choosing the right shampoo for your hair, you can take the help of wholesale shampoo manufacturers for the advice. As they know what the ingredients are present in the shampoo and the nature of the shampoo which suits your hair. Moreover, for best results use the specified shampoo as prescribed.