September 23, 2020

How To Implement A Hashtag Into Your Marketing Strategy

As social media has become a bigger part of marketing strategies, hashtags have grown in popularity and are an important part of posts. With the hashtag function being in place for people to search key words, you can reach a wider audience of people. Hashtags are now added to printed carrier bags as well as social media posts to engage with customers. With this in mind, how can you implement a hashtag in to your marketing strategy?

Campaign Hashtag

If you are running a seasonal marketing campaign, or having an event or sale, you can create a campaign hashtag. This will help to promote the product or service you have available with a discount. If customers, followers and your posts include the hashtag on social posts, the campaign will be able to extend its reach.

When creating the campaign hashtag, it’s important to conduct research around it; identify if it’s already popular on social media. Customers can use the hashtag to easily find your offer and engage with your social accounts.

Brand Hashtag

You could also create brand hashtags that are unique to your brand and tagline. You could include this on your printed bags so customers can follow them and use them in their posts. It’s important that you do some research around your chosen branded hashtag to ensure that it isn’t similar to that of your competitors. What’s more, you will need to ensure that your hashtag isn’t something associated with something against the values or ethos of your business. Make the tagline/hashtag easy for customers to remember and utilise, so they can continue to use it across social platforms. Keep the hashtag and tagline pretty short, easy to spell and simple; you will find that more people use and remember it.

By making your hashtag niche you can capture your target audience, as they will search for your hashtag and connect with it.

Trending Hashtag

It can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the changing trending hashtags, but by doing so, you can use trending hashtags and link them to your business online. By using the trending hashtag you will increase the chances of your posts reaching a wider audience for free. If you want to find the trending hashtags on Twitter, look down the left hand side of the Twitter feed on your computer.

By using hashtags offline on printed bags, you can link both your online and offline marketing campaigns together. Customers can see the hashtag on printed bags and this will make them aware of your online presence of your brand. You can make the hashtag as big or small on the printed bag as possible. Some brands use it across the entire bag and others will put it below or above their logo. As you can see hashtags are important to have in your online and offline marketing campaign and are really easy to implement. Conduct plenty of research and begin to use it on social posts and printed bags, today!