August 5, 2020

How to make the walls smooth and beautiful

The walls are the soul of home décor. You will see that well-painted and smooth walls often enhance the look of the whole house and make it look even more beautiful. When we think about wall décor, we often think about paints, but there is something more important than paint. Wall putty is often ignored because it remains unseen. Wall putty is one of a few things which may make the walls seem flawless. It smoothens the walls and gives a new finish to it. Most people don’t use putty at all which shortens the life of paint and makes their walls look old and ugly soon. Using putty is important but using the best wall putty in India is more important because the quality of the material used may make a huge difference.

Wall putty is often overlooked despite its benefits for the home decor. Commonly, wall putty fills the cracks and uneven surfaces in the walls to make them look smooth and brand new. Wall putty is also used to ensure that the paint lives longer on the walls and make them look smooth and beautiful for a longer time. Wall putty can be used for various purposes. It is applied to both interior and exterior walls which means now, one might make the exterior walls look brand new as well. Its mixture can also be applied on dry or wet walls so that a smooth wall can be obtained. One needs the correct technique to apply wall putty to see maximum results. Below are some tips used by professionals to ensure the smooth finish of the walls:

  • Don’t ignore any crack: you might think that small cracks don’t need enough attention, but this is not true. You need to fill even the smallest cracks with a generous amount of putty so that the cracks can be filled, and the wall can look perfectly smooth.
  • Use enough layers: using just one layer of wall putty might not be enough which is why it is essential to use at least two layers of putty. One should wait for at least three-four hours before applying the other layer so that the previous layer can dry. The second coat is recommended to leave overnight to let it dry completely.
  • Don’t forget to smoothen the wall: smoothening the surface is essential because it will ensure that the wall looks smooth and not bumpy because of the putty. This smoothening can be done with the help of sandpaper.
  • Remove any dirt or oil: it is essential to remove any dirt or oils from the walls so that the result can be smooth. You can scrape off the dirt with the help of paint scrape and make it flat with the help of the correct tools.

All these tips can be very helpful if your goal is to achieve smooth and flawless walls that can stay beautiful for a long time. Exterior wall putty can help you to save the shine of exterior walls so that the walls can look alive.