September 27, 2020

5 Bloggers Who Earn More Than $1000 Per Month

From the past several years blogging has become one of the most online profitable and successful businesses for all of the bloggers. Well, many beginners take it as a part-time and alternative work profession but after reading this article you will find yourself more energetic, passionate and motivated to pay more attention on blogging. Today in this article, you will able to find 5 bloggers who earn more than $10000 per monthwhich can motivate you to increase your blog and make a huge income from it. So want to know how to start a blog you can read “curiousblogger” post who given step –step complete guides.

  1. Blog Darling

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About the blog

Blog darling is a daily blog that is related to social media, online business, and Affiliate marketing. Blog darling is well known for online business solutions that introduce online money earning platforms and business theory content. Apart from the business content, it provides social media content as well which turns it into a huge and massive succeed blogging site.

Income- $1700 per month

Blog darling mainly generates a huge income from advertising digital selling products and affiliate marketing.

  1. Gathering Dreams

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About the blog

Gathering dreams is on the 2nd position on our list, although gathering dreams don’t have any special niche or topic because it is all about our daily life. But still, we can categorize it in love, traveling, food, and entertainment blog. The best part about gathering dreams is it has a selective audience who appreciate this type of content so much and desperately wait for new content. Ranking this type of common and universal content in Google is not very difficult because it is a universal and evergreen content that’s why it has a massive reader audience.

Income- $2000 to $4000 per month

Gathering Dream’s income mainly based on 2 sources- Google ads revenues and Mediavine Revenues (Mediavine is an ads management and service provider company for content creators).

  1. The wayward home

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About the blog

The wayward home blog is about homes, tiny living, lifestyle, house decoration, etc. The living tiny concept is growing fast among the traveler and adventure-loving society. Building an old traditional home is getting a little bit old fashion now many adventuring peoples are living in tiny homes, sailboats, van and in RVing as well. This type of content can be popular among all the travelers and explorers. Building a base and regular audience on such type of blogs are difficult in beginning but once anyone will have start upload content properly, he/she can get a massive income and huge traffic on your blogs per day.

Income- $1000 per month

 “The wayward home” generates mostly income from advertising, affiliate marketing, and Mediavine services.

  1. The savvy couple

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About the blog

As the title describing this is all about love, romance, personal finance, suggesting others how to live their life better. The best part about this blogging site is it provides new content from time to time which is very important to keep your readers busy with fresh content. However, this type of content creators has to face much competition because this is one of the universal, and evergreen content so the content creators find it easy to make huge money from writing on love and a better lifestyle.

Income- $3000-4000 per month

The savvy couple is generating income in many ways as ad network Mediavine, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts, etc. So overall it gets a huge revenue at the end of the month.

  1. Fitnancials

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About the blog

Fitnancials is all about fitness and finance-related tips, it provides the best information and workout process to the readers. This is a very easy niche to write and earn a huge income from sponsors because many workout and fitness related companies seek to advertise their products on a large audience based blogs and websites so creators easily advertise their products on the bog and earn a huge income from it.

Income- $5000-10000

Financials is earning a huge income from affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and ad revenues.