October 23, 2020

Types Of Insoles And What You Should Opt For

There are generally numerous types of insoles available in the stores. The ones that are best for you will depend upon the type of pain you have and the degree of comfort you want to gain.

So, before you make a choice, let’s introduce you with the different insoles which are trending off-lately:

  1. Comfort Insoles

Often, these orthopaedic insoles are the best to give your feet the support it has been lacking. This is better done with the aid of increased arch support. They are not customisable as other insoles.

The main motive of these insoles is to give you relief from the pain. This pain you might have been incurring from rigorous walking, running, and standing sessions throughout the day.

All in all, it just gives your feet the feeling that they are getting the rest they needed.

  1. Moulded Insoles

They are slightly a level up from the comfort insoles whenever we talk about the orthopaedic insoles to give your feet the comfort it desires and requires. They are a little bit tweaked or tailored.

They often tackle the issues that are related to over-pronation. Otherwise, they are perfect for giving support to the flat arches. Majorly, they are used or recommended when the comfort insoles are failing to give you the relief.

  1. Custom Insoles

These insoles are the highest level of the insoles that will be recommended to you. If you think or have experienced than the other two types of insoles have not given you the satisfaction or relief, then you will need to visit the doctor for your feet.

Then he/she will recommend the perfect of the insoles that will give the relief as you had wanted. These insoles will only be suitable for your feet and not for anyone else in your family. These insoles will be entire and comprehensively custom-made for your feet.

They are often made by specialists who are selling custom-made insoles in the market. The price of these insoles is, of course, higher than the other two types because they are made in such a manner that it relaxes your feet only.

So, whenever you are stuck in deciding what kind of orthopaedic insoles you need, then you need to ask yourself certain questions. Are you looking for pain relievers or those insoles that help in improving your walk and performance? If that’s cleared, then you will know if you want only comfortable insoles, or moulded ones for better performances, or entirely custom-made if the problem is too severe.