October 23, 2020

What are the 5 important things to consider before appointing a baby nanny


Hiring is a nanny is not an easy job. A nanny’s job role is not to do house cleaning, mopping or other house work, their primary job is to take good care of baby’s heath and overall development.  A formal structure of the interview ensures that all points are covered which you want to discuss with them. Begin with sharing the details about your family and children and position. In return, ask the nanny to tell about herself and what she is looking for in a new job.

Make sure you go through the nanny’s CV in advance, also asking her to describe previous job experience. Encourage the nanny to ask questions about you and the family setup, specific details about the job, routines, hours etc. 

Here are the 5 important things to consider before appointing a baby nanny

1. Work Experience

        A prospective nanny should have at least one year of  prior work experience as a paid child care provider. She could also have a experience could be as a teacher, day-care provider, camp counsellor or as a  baby sitter/nanny. The primary responsibility of the nanny is to fulfil all the required needs of the child. They  don’t need to  necessarily have the experience of serving as a nanny, it is even fine if they have experience as a parent.  This experience is of immense help in being the perfect child caretaker. 

2. Hygiene

Th hygiene of the nanny should be    well maintained because she will be taking care of the babies and child. This ensures the babies are away from germs, dusts and infections which can cause diseases. In addition to it, the dental hygiene is an important part of the nanny.  Do a double check weather nanny is smoking, drinking or chewing tobacco.  If you encounter any of these, it is a red alert. 

3. Illness

Avoid hiring a nanny who is not well or falls sick often. It could affect your child’s health as well on a long run.   If the nanny is not well for a day or so, give her a leave until she feels better.  If you as a parent catch a bad illness and are so sick that you have to miss work, she same way nanny is also entitled to miss work. Do check for your baby’s medical records and health prescription before confirming her appointment.  If she don’t keep well, it is best to give it a pass. 

4.     Planned leave

When you hire a nanny make sure you discuss about the planned leaves and vacation time when the family also plans to take time off.  Based on the calendar, you can also prepare their leaves and holidays at the beginning of the year This is a perfect ideal for both the families, because nanny’s also have family and they need time to bond with them. It is best to ask them to give advanced notice in case of long holidays. When you nanny leaves for vacation, you could always turn to family members, such as grandparents, to pick up the slack and help watch children. In case of long leaves, ask your nanny to inform in advance i.e at least a month before

5.     Responsibilities

The majority of people who hire a nanny expect them to perform some housekeeping, too.  If you have a live-in nanny at your home, it is okay to ask here occasional help, but never mistake your nanny as a house help. The only responsibility of nanny is to perform all of the duties you have discussed to the best of her ability for your baby. When you are hiring a nanny, make sure you also  clear about the responsibilities beforehand. 

Apart from all these above-mentioned pointers make sure to hire a nanny from trustable source. Always treat your nanny with love, respect and affection. They are also a human being, never ever take their needs for granted. If they need any kind of help or assistance, always be a helping hand and appreciate their handwork.  At the end of the day, your child spends most of his time with nanny.