November 30, 2020

The differences between a Government and a private employee?

Who earns the most? Who has better conditions? These are questions you ask yourself when you want to enter one of these sectors. Learn about the main differences.

It is common for workers in the private and public sectors to be unclear on how they differ since many times the former yearn for what the latter dream.

It is said that the grass always looks greener on the other side of the street. Well, that seems to be the case with those who work in the public and private sectors, because when you are on the other side, you think that the other has better conditions and benefits … But … how true is this? The private sector is made up of companies and organizations that are not state-owned but are run by individuals or commercial companies. An example of this would be companies such as Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola, among many others. While the Government sector is more related to public services like Railways, Roadways, Army & defense, Post Office, and other government departments and Government office.

Below we highlight the differences between one sector and another and the conditions that you must accept from one side and the other, in case you have an offer in this branch.

In general, public companies have old facilities, compared to private sector companies, so private companies provide game rooms, gymnasiums, and relaxation spaces to their employees.

Private companies manage much more stability since their managers generally remain in positions of power for long periods. Therefore, it is likely that their permanence at work does not depend on the change of administration, something that does happen with some of the public employees, who run the risk of being removed from their position when the head of the Sarkari office changes.

The working hours of a public employee are usually much more enjoyable than those of the private employee, depending of course on each entity and person. The first tends to start earlier than the second but also vacates earlier. In general, in the public sector working, hours of about 7 hours are fulfilled, while in the private sector of about 9. Regarding work on weekends, it is much more likely that this type of hours does not exist in the private sector, than in the public.

The private company worker has a certain amount of vacation days (regularly 15 business days). However, the government employee has more days off and, in general, can take short vacations at different times of the year.

The state worker has the virtue of taking many different licenses, which does not happen in private employment. However, many public employees do not even use half.

Regularly, in high positions, the salary received by a public worker tends to be much lower than that of a private company, but sometimes middle and technical managers, Sarkari Daftar positions do have an advantage.