May 25, 2020

How to Plan A Trip to Azerbaijan: For A Week?

Azerbaijan is the tourist destination that is best suited for advanced travellers. In order to enjoy the country to the fullest, you need to keep certain things in mind while planning the itinerary. You need to know that Azerbaijan is not having typical shiny tourist attractions or flawless service attitude and hence you will find it quite challenging to explore the country alone. The country is quite rough and travellers need to fine tune a lot. If you are planning to visit the country for one week, here is the guide to plan your itinerary. Look for Azerbaijan Tour Packages for one week that includes these following things in the itinerary.

Day One – Arriving Baku

Your trip to Azerbaijan would start with the Capital of Azerbaijan, Baku. This is the capital city that comprises of several seaside promenades and restaurants. From the capital city you may take a drive to Qobustan where you can explore the ancient petroglyphs in the Gobustan State Reserve and also the Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape Reserve which is sated with ancient rock carvings and petroglyphs that portray the life in Ancient Caucasus. Some of the other attraction of Gobustan is the Mud Volcano.

Azerbaijan is the country that has been covered half by the mud volcanoes and this is really something interesting to see and explore. Tourists can also trek to the volcanoes as taxi services are easily available.

Day Two – Mountain Road Trip to Xinaliq

The highest village in Azerbaijan, Xinaliqis another popular place to explore during your visit to the country. It is located 2350 meter above sea level and it is totally adventurous when you take road trip to this village. The roads are curved around the high rocks and the layers of mountains that flow along the rivers, cutting gorges, thereby leaving the tourists with breathless experience.

During winters, the village and the roads are covered with snow and ice and this makes the village a perfect picnic spot. This is the village that is peaceful and full of sunshine and there are lots of clouds under.

Day 3 – Driving to Nabran and to Sumqayit

Exploring the popular summer resort town Nabran is important during your visit to Azerbaijan. This is the city which is located at the border of Russia and this is the resort town that is worth exploring. After a long day drive from Nabran you will reach the Sumqayit which is close to Baku. This place is sated with many restaurants and beach restaurants. This is the beach facing neighbourhood of Baku where you can explore the might beach and have some fun time there.

Day 4 – Driving to Northeast to Mountains

Lahij is another popular destination that you need to include in your itinerary. There is a Diri Baba Turbesi Mosque on the route which is carved into rock and it is really very beautiful to the eyes. The city is also filled with many open restaurants where homemade wines are served, local beers, and some local delicious. You will be happy exploring the cobblestone streets.

Day 5 – Sheki

Sheki is another great place to explore where you can experience royalty, abundance luxury at this charming town. Green hills, mesmerizing architectures and ancient influences, the town have many things to offer.

Day 6 – Ateshgah of Baku

On your last day of trip ensure to jump over the Fire Temple which is the worship place for Hindus and Zoroastrians. This should be the final sight to explore. Your Tours in Baku won’t get complete if you skip visiting this ancient temple.

On day 7 you need to prepare for your flight to return back to your hometown after a long week vacation at Azerbaijan.