August 12, 2020

Roger Wolfson Provides An Insight On The Job Of A Political Speech Writer

While most politicians are good speakers, it is not necessary that they would be good writers as well. Hence, in the majority of cases, they hire someone to write speeches on their behalf. Professional speechwriters write for discerning political figures, ranging from city council members and mayors to senators and even presidents. Roger Wolfson is a well-established professional who has the experience of writing speeches for various renowned politicians belonging to the US Democratic Party. He was the youngest Legislative Assistant hired by Senator John Kerry, as well as his first official speechwriter. He had written numerous speeches for Kelly, and aided him to formulate multiple policies as well.

Speechwriters are hired by just about every stature of politicians. These writers typically sit down with the politicians to underline every issue that has to be discussed during a speech. They mark the major topics to be addressed, the length of time for which each topic shall be spoken about, how to make the vital points of the speech relevant to the audience, and so on. Speechwriters like Roger Wolfson typically develop speeches with a specific tone in mind, and ensure that the politician shall be able to gauge the attention of the audience with their words. Wolfson has served as a full-time speechwriter for several sitting US Senators, as well as a part-time speechwriter for candidates at almost every level of politics.

Equipped with his extensive industry insights, Roger Wolfson is well-versed with the rules to follow in order to develop winning political speeches. Here are a few tips provided by him on political speech writing:

  • It is vital to get to the central point of the speech without wasting too much time. The idea behind developing a speech is to make sure that the audience remembers its core idea. The theme of the speech should be simple enough that a heterogeneous audience can understand it without too much of a hassle.
  • Subsequent to deciding on a theme of the speech, the writer needs to consider its tone. They must always remember that the words they are writing shall be read aloud. Hence, it must be appropriate for the size and demographic of the audience, as well as their level of familiarity with the topic of the speech. A lot of successful speeches tend to have a conversational tone, with the hope that the audience will almost forget that they are hearing a prepared text.
  • It is important to develop some kind of rapport with the audience before getting started with the core message of the speech, to ensure that the audience continues to listen. The opening lines of a speech are vital to its success. It would be a prudent move to include a few humorous lines in the introduction segment of a speech, to effectively capture the attention of the audience.

The pointers mentioned above by Roger Wolfson can surely help out amateur political speech writers.