April 9, 2020

Taking Care of Your Hair- A must thing to do

Increasing stress and worries have led to people facing many health problems, out of which, hair fall is a major one. People in their mid 30’s or 40’s have been facing this problem the most and this has become a major reason for concern of them. Hair plays a very important part of your personality and appearance. If your hair is oiled, combed and neatly tied (mostly in case of women), it multiplies the grace of your personality. Your looks are your first impression and to remain well-groomed, you need to manage your hair well. It reflects your personality in many ways.

 A person applying gel or hair cream to make spikes will probably appear good to people in a club whereas the same person would be pointed out negatively in an office meeting doesn’t matter how well he can manage his clothes. 

So to make our personality look better, we need to manage hair well, and to make a hairstyle of our choice, we need to know how to increase hair volume. To maintain a good hair volume, we need to take good care of our hair. This can be done by following some very easy and simple steps.    

Some steps which help you in taking care of your hair are:

  1. Try to wash your hair at least twice a week, to keep it free of dust and dirt. 
  2. Oil your hair regularly to keep it nourished with essential nutrients.
  3. Try to avoid using drier directly on your hair. Radiations emitted from it are harmful to our hair.
  4. Using coconut oil is very useful. Coconut oil helps in rapid hair growth. 
  5. Hair should never be oiled before it is dry. 
  6. Hair should always be kept combed and free of knots. 
  7. Hair should never be washed before combing it. If there are knots while washing hair, it will break.
  8. Hair should never be handled roughly.
  9. Rub your scalp while washing your hair so that it is free of dandruff. 
  10. Over oiliness also leads to dandruff. So, hair should not be over oily.
  11. If one has long hairs and keeps them tied, he or she should leave the hair open for some time daily.
  12. Ladies mostly have long hairs. While working, if there is excessive sweating, they should open their hair for drying or else it leads to dandruff.
  13. Hair should never be kept tied for too long.

Keeping all these points in mind helps us in taking good care of our hair. This helps us in hair growth as well as maintenance. Good volumes of hair help in styling our hair according to our style statement and hence, style our hair according to our dress-up. 

Apart from all these points, care should be taken to shampoo our hair according to its requirements so that we know how to increase hair volume. If the hair has a dandruff problem, the shampoo should be chosen accordingly. If someone faces excessive hair fall, his or her shampoo should be according to that and so on.