August 5, 2020

10 Unique Ideas to Celebrate Your First Anniversary

The first times are always special for everything, such as your first love, first kiss and first anniversary. For a couple, the wedding anniversary is the day to celebrate the eternal togetherness and to promise each other to spend every moment together for the rest of their life. The first anniversary is most special as by this time, the couple know each other deeply and understand each other’s silence as well. So, on your first wedding anniversary, plan something unique and make sure that you both enjoy it to the most. Make your first anniversary perfect with these 10 ideas:

Plan a Trip to your dream destination:

This can be your second honeymoon as well! Plan a trip to the place you both can enjoy at. It can be a beach or a hill station, but what matters the most is, it should be the place where you can create lovely memories together.

Recreate memories of wedding day:

Collect all your wedding pictures or watch your wedding video together. Go to the reception venue and have a meal together. Wear the wedding clothes and take a selfie. You can do any of these without even spending much. Reliving these wedding memories can give you a wonderful feeling of togetherness.

Party hard:

If you both are the party animals, then what can be a better way than partying hard on this important day! Call up your best friends, family members, book a hotel and party hard! You can also cut an anniversary special premium or designer cake by ordering it from an online retailer.

Photo shoot to show the world:

Flaunt yourself and your romantic life with the best photographer in your locality. Get ready in a gorgeous outwear and have a scenic photography session on this day. You can also make an album of the first anniversary day and the journey of the first year of marriage.

Get Spa at home and relax:

Sometime giving time to yourself matter the most. If you two too think that you have become exhausted with the responsibilities, work and stress, then take a break from everything and get a spa done at your home. You can cook a meal together and have the candle light dinner at your own place.

Thoughtful anniversary Gifts

Who doesn’t like surprise gifts! Your gift can range from a flower bouquet to a diamond ring or even a luxury car. There is no limit to it. However, there is nothing like making your spouse smile with a thoughtful surprise gift on such days. You can buy it from anywhere or order anniversary special gifts online from gift retailers like MyFlowerApp.Com, where there is a huge collection of striking gifts, personalized gifts, chocolates, soft toys, accessory sets and many more.

Couple T-shirts:

Get stylish with some funny quoted couple t-shirts. These are available in the markets and also in the online stores. There are many options to personalize the t-shirts with your own quotes or pictures.  You can also wear these tees for the photo shoot.

Re-romance with Honeymoon memories:

If you are still hung over with your honeymoon memories, re-visit the place and relive the honeymoon days again. You can visit the places you had left in the first time or explore some other places around it.

BBQ at home with family members:

It is always a wonderful way to celebrate an important occasion at home, with the warmth of your close ones. Call up your family members and close relatives. Set up a BBQ in your backyard, on the terrace or in the balcony. Play light music and have some drinks alongside the BBQs.

Go to an orphanage and spend time with the kids

If you are done with partying, visiting places and there have been a lot of family gatherings as well, then do something unique which would bring you pure joy. Visiting an orphanage, donating something for the needy give us the ultimate happiness. You can spend the entire day with the children and do some fun activities to make them smile as well.