November 30, 2020

High Heels – A Woman’s Best Friend And Punjabi Juttis To Complete Your Ethnic Look

Anywhere around the world, ask any girl about her shoe collection and one thing is what you will find common is ‘a pair of heels’. A pair of heel gives a boost to your confidence and they look very elegant. You want to put glamour to your old boring sandals just put a heel on it and it will look glamorous. Other than looking elegant and glamorous there are many advantages also, let us just go through some of them?

World might be getting taller but not more than you!

Are you worried about that few extra inch in your height where god was not kinder, High heels helps you look taller and also feel taller. So stop lowering down your confidence because some people overlook you or ignore you because of your height just go for the best suited heels for you and renew your confidence.

It actually make you look slimmer

Yes you read it right it makes you look slimmer because of the arch your back is straight and stomach goes in. So it can not only make you look slimmer it might even make you loose a few pound because of that correct posture your body needs.

High heels other than looking just perfect on you and making you look glamorous have all the added benefits also plus you have so many options also you can choose from. You have stilettos, Classic pumps, Ankle strap high heels, platform pumps, sling back heels and many more. You will never get bored of high heels just keep trying the new fashion and be your fashionable best.

Punjabi Jutti

Going way back hundreds of years Jutti were a mark of royalty. All the kings and queens used to wear them with gold and silver stripes all over the jutti which make them looks like they are made of real gold or silver. Till now also if you see a representation of a king or a queen you will definitely see them wearing a Jutti.

Now, Punjabi jutti is something which gives you comfort because of the fit and makes you look traditional.

You name it and we will match it

Punjabi jutti is something which you can match it while going to college wearing a pair of jeans or even while attending a sangeet function or even while at home and it will always look elegant and gives you that touch of tradition.

Convenient & Comfortable

Does it take you a lot of time to get ready and at last you do not have time to put on those complicated pair of footwear go for Punjabi juttis they are very convenient to wear and also with that they are amazingly comfortable.