August 7, 2020

Understanding women totally is not Mens’ cup of tea at all

When a man struggles to understand a woman, she often reproaches him for not committing enough and incites him to try harder. But when the problem arises from a confused or ambiguous communication, which man is unable to decipher, a greater commitment is useless. It would be like asking someone who does not know Hindi to make a greater effort to translate it: no effort will magically produce a skill that the subject does not possess. The person who wants to make him understood must be aware of the limits of the listener and adapt his communication accordingly.

Because women communicate in ambiguous or contradictory ways

Of course, even men sometimes express themselves in unclear or unclear ways. But it seems that this happens more frequently in women, probably also for the reasons that I explain below:

  • One reason may be a different brain functioning so that in the female brain the logical functions are less developed than the male ones, and vice versa the emotional and intuitive ones are more developed. Hence, women have less linear, more complex and nuanced thoughts.
  • Another reason is cultural: since for millennia women have almost always been subjugated and without power, they have learned to be indirect, to turn around their goals, to be diplomatic and even Machiavellian. Saying openly what they thought, or facing men directly, could have serious consequences.
  • Finally, there may also be an evolutionary reason: in male-female friendship, males have only one goal, while females have different, sometimes even conflicting, ones. Hence the tendency to want different things, even in opposition, or when it seems that women want everything.

If a woman who laughs at your jokes, is close to you or touches your arm at a party or talks late night to you is not necessarily she is interested in you, even if you think so. And precisely this misunderstanding at the base can only undermine the eventual friendship between men and women.

Have you ever received a lot of attention from a girl and not recognized if she was actually trying or was it just a gallant and kind behavior? Sometimes, in fact, the line that separates the two is very subtle and it is difficult to recognize the other person’s real intentions. This kind of situation can lead to embarrassing misunderstandings and it is good to learn to interpret the signals so as not to misunderstand and be rude or mischievous.

If a girl compliments you

If a girl compliments you, often smiles or accompanies you around the house, it does not necessarily mean that she is trying. It is then up to the buy to respond by the gentle gestures or immediately blocking any misunderstanding. But we Indian boys misunderstand the girls a lot, not a doubt. A similar story of misunderstanding has been shown in the latest video of the YouTube channel “Alright!”. They just uploaded their latest video titled “Bestfriend ki Girlfriend” in which a typical Indian buy misunderstands the signals of a girl Naina. The whole video is really full of entertainment and you would love to watch it. The video is live on the channel “Alright!” so go and enjoy it. For more hilarious videos from Alright such as the mini Hindi web series “Bestfriends”, go follow the alright squad on social media, and don’t forget to subscribe “Alright!” and ring the bell icon.