August 12, 2020

Useful and Basic tips for a beginner photographer

Want to be a professional photographer? Go through these photography tips and you will tanks after reading this article.

A photographer is not just the owner of a professional camera and a person who knows how to adjust focus. It is also a virtuoso and a jack of all trades. During photography, photographers sometimes have to transform into producers, props, or even psychologists.

Types of photographers, areas of activity of photographers

The photoworld is diverse, and photographers are also different. Professionals choose one area of ​​activity and improve in it. The most popular areas: wedding photography, reportage photography, art photography, food photography, photography for photo stocks and other areas. We have sorted out some of them.

The history of each photographer is individual, and not all professionals attended the courses. With some zeal and patience, you can become a photographer without any help. Be prepared: it can take more than one year. You will have to look for and correct errors in your work yourself.

  • To be a good photographer it is always necessary to have a good base and training. It is clear that in history there have been great photographers who never studied photography, but not all of us are born with a gift and knowledge will help you enhance your qualities. You must learn about composition and technique, focal length, aperture so the path will be much easier. And of course your photographs will have a much higher level.
  • Learn a technique. It’s not worth buying a camera that’s too expensive, because first you need to fill your hand. Get any DSLR. Now there is a mobile photo, when all the frames are taken on the phone (subject to a good camera on the smartphone).
  • Master Photoshop / Lightroom. Or any good photo editing program. Learn it to use it wisely.
  • 3. Be patient. Learning to photograph yourself is very difficult. Ask your friends to point out your shortcomings and constantly improve, take pictures. Correct mistakes and take pictures again. It will take you time to learn how to take photos and how to process them well.

Equipment for a novice photographer

So, you decided to become a photographer. Now you need to understand what, in addition to your own talent, this will be required.

Which camera to choose – SLR or mirrorless – you decide. There are many disputes in this regard, since both of them have their advantages and disadvantages.  So these were the photography tips for professionals who see their future in photography but what if a novice try to click photos by practicing the idea of professionals? It would be interesting to see the kind of experience. Rohit Saluja, the host of the series CYCYN from LIT Youtube channel, has just posted his latest video on his channel where he has done an amazing work being a professional photographer just for one day. He always takes 24 hour challenge where he swaps skills with a professional one and try to work like the professional. If you love to watch entertaining and comedy videos then you must subscribe the channel LIT.