November 24, 2020

How journalism become worst in India?

People in India are struggling for their rights from both the ruling and opposite political party. The majority of people is fighting for their right and does protest to gain equality among others. Nowadays for namesake, India can be called the greatest democratic nation where everything rules and regulations are opposite to people and nature. The Indian media so-called as fourth pillar getting destroy and damage in name of fake and false news spread over. The journalism had become a trolling topic everywhere it went off viral video 2020.   Many news channels are there like zee news provides false statements every time.

Indian media true face

  The news anchor anjana om kashyap always provides false news and fake news all time. The indian journalism is moving towards the worst-case scenarios. Even though the news channel provides news every time, but the important news and topic become useless and the news is not covered appropriately. When an important topic is discuses they make it to distract with other gossip news with and change the people’s mentality towards that topic. Whenever the economic fall the political parties make or create new issues to distract the economic level of the countries.

 The two YouTube channels Alright and Binge collaborate and comes with a perfect topic about The Great Indian Journalism.    The videos speak about how indian journalist how they provide and spread the false statement. Everything is distracted with new issues that are created by both ruling and opposition parties. The YouTube channel narrator anushka sharma and chote miyan combines with a new topic and gives a better knowledge about how Indian media become funny and worst enough. Every political party makes does many mistakes and to hide the mistake they come with new issues. The name of journalism, they make every news to be a fake one and leading the people on the wrong path. People are struggling with getting the rights for everything and getting beating when they come with the true statement behind every project when the government applies for it.

  The chote miyan new video becomes popular among everyone and gets more views when it hit the internet. It also becomes trending videos everywhere and people used to talk about the video on the internet and social media and say their comments and thoughts on it. These make the channel to be on top and getting more subscribers in major functionality of it. Many people find these YouTube channels to provide the truth and more knowledge about what happening. The channel also provides an entertainment type of video with a deeper message to make people think about. They also make videos based on the truth which happening in real-time but with humor and comedy sense of it. 

 The mehek mehra videos come with the true statement and with more things are combined on it. The YouTube channel comes more short film and hindi short film where every Hindi speaking people can understand easily. The Binge videos get more like and 

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